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07 JULHO 2016
New vinyl pressing plant opens in Ontario, Canada
Autor: Mark Smith
Fonte: https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=35490

 A new vinyl pressing plant is opening in Ontario, Canada.

Canadas largest distributor, Isotope Music Inc., has teamed up with GZ, a Czech vinyl manufacturing firm, to create a new pressing plant called Precision Record Pressing Inc. The companies have entered into a joint venture, with vinyl being pressed in the GZ plant in Prague and the new plant in Burlington, Ontario, using GZs modern manufacturing machines.

The head of Isotope, Gerry McGhee, spoke to FYI Music News about his plans for the plant. While the majority of the plants capacity will service major labels, McGhee stated: "We are more than happy to look at 200-300 unit runs. We are very aware of the independent market and the way they ive been treated. Right now where we are really pushing is delivery times. With pressing in Prague we are filling orders in 8-10 weeks." Isotope has also purchased two plants in the US, which, when you consider the total vinyl output, will make them the second largest plant in North America. The official opening date for the Burlington plant is Friday, September 16th.

Official site: Isotope Music Inc.